Barrie, Ontario

Ross Bigelow

Educator, Mentor, Researcher


I believe the best thing we can do for our students is to teach them to believe in themselves.


I love researching, learning and implementing new ideas and new technologies.


Some of the the things that I have have had the pleasure to be part of.

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Why AI Will Drive Marketing to New Heights

In a hypercompetitive marketplace, every business must utilize technology to remain competitive. This is especially true of small companies, startups, and entrepreneurial ventures where those first few years of growth[…]

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How Innovation Drives Entrepreneurship

The image of an entrepreneur is often that of a rogue player, one who bets it all on a single idea or product. And while that isn’t uncommon in entrepreneurship,[…]

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How to Secure a Remote Work Environment

Many work trends change incrementally over the years. But the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic accelerated one of those trends – remote work – and put it into overdrive.[…]

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