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Why AI Will Drive Marketing to New Heights

In a hypercompetitive marketplace, every business must utilize technology to remain competitive. This is especially true of small companies, startups, and entrepreneurial ventures where those first few years of growth are critical to survival and whose marketing approach can make or break them. For companies with little or no in-house marketing or those looking to…
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How Innovation Drives Entrepreneurship

The image of an entrepreneur is often that of a rogue player, one who bets it all on a single idea or product. And while that isn’t uncommon in entrepreneurship, it also isn’t the most common path. Entrepreneurs are often experts within an industry and wish to branch out independently. They may also be experts…
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How to Secure a Remote Work Environment

Many work trends change incrementally over the years. But the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic accelerated one of those trends – remote work – and put it into overdrive. More than 60% of all workers now say they work remotely occasionally. And in the 13 years since 2009, the number of work-from-home or remote…
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How Artificial Intelligence is Changing The Way We Do Business

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic in today’s business world. From streamlining processes and increasing efficiency to helping make decisions, AI can create great change within organizations. By staying ahead of the curve when it comes to AI, businesses can ensure that they’re taking advantage of all that this transformative technology has to offer.…
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Why Sustainability Needs AI in Business

Each leap in technology brings about new products and services and a growth in the overall global economy. Unfortunately, those products and services, and the transportation and packaging needed to deploy them to market, have become a strain on global resources. As businesses wake up to sustainability issues, technology offers new and fascinating ways to…
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Industry 4.0 is About Creating Extended Value

Often when a company is looking to modernize or update their systems to join the Industry 4.0 revolution, they are bombarded by sales agents looking to sell their product of the day. What should a company look for? How do you cut through the hype to determine the tangible and intangible benefits? When evaluating automation…
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